Are donors spending time on your website? Is there an easy way to donate? Can you accept mobile donations? Improve your charity fundraising efforts with these tips.

Contact information- Sharing your organization contact information instills trust. If someone has a question, they should have a clear way of asking. Create a page that includes your physical address, phone number and email. Make sure that it’s easy to find this “Contact Us” page by including it in your navigation bar.

Social media links- Users may visit your nonprofit site just to find your social media links. Display them with the social media icons to make them easy to spot. These may be just as important as your contact information. The icons need to be easy to find so donors can connect on their favorite social sites and contact you. Users will very likely use social media instead of email as a form of communication.

Updated content- Not only is fresh content good for search engine optimization, your site will look better when it isn’t displaying last month’s events on the home page. Include lots of keywords in your content to help your website’s rankings. Put a blog or news feed on the home page to easily keep a steady flow of new content.

Clear way to donate- Potential donors come to the page but give up because there is no “Donate Now” button. Make your donate button big, bold and easy to find (preferably at the top of the page). Use clear words and keep it to the point. You don’t need to say any more or less than “Donate Now.”

Mobile Friendly- Last on the list but definitely not least. With a rise in mobile donations it only makes sense that many donors will be accessing your site from a mobile device. 61% of American adults are smartphone owners and that isn’t including tablets. They want it to be just as easy to donate on their mobile device, as it is from their PC. It’s very likely they will click through to your website in an email or Facebook post while they are using their smartphone. Don’t lose them at this point. Once again, make it easy for them to contact you and donate but be sure they can do it from any device.

A great add-on for staying accessible to mobile donors is having your own non-profit app. Make it easy for any mobile user to read recent charity fundraising efforts, donate now, share your cause and contact you. With your mobile app downloaded to their device you can send them push notifications, keeping them updated and coming back more frequently to donate.