Businesswoman using smart phone

It’s a fact that almost 50% of Americans own a smartphone. As a website owner it has become clear that there is an increase in traffic from mobile devices. Not only that, but smartphone users tend to be more active in social media, meaning news travels like wildfire. This affects charity fundraising immensely.

In a recent study by Artez Interactive, it was found that 18% of traffic to fundraising and donations pages was from mobile devices. They examined 83,866 participants of several different fundraising campaigns. Organizations, who decided to use mobile technology for their charity fundraising, increased donations up to 2.95 times more than those who did not.

In the study 23% of participants chose a mobile site or mobile app to donate. Since these mobile users are more in tune with social networking, they are more likely to share about the cause. Being mobile will also allow users to stay updated and engaged.

How to get started

Mobile donations have grown 205% in the last year. That means you want to provide your donors with mobile options. The best way to offer easy access from smartphones and tablets is with a mobile optimized website and/or a native mobile app. That way, donors can easily pay with a credit card or PayPal on a mobile optimized form, eliminating the hassle and securing that donation.