Mobile Donations
Do you need to raise money for your organization but don’t know where to start? Along with these tips and a non-profit app you can make your fundraising successful.

Tell your story- You’ve probably heard this many times but it’s the best way to start. Donors are more likely to contribute if your story is meaningful to them. Tell them what you plan to use their contribution for.

Use visuals- Humans, especially Millennials, are very visual and as the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Share images of your events and what the donations will be helping to achieve.

Set your goal and share it- You need $4k for your current campaign. Share with your followers and keep them updated with how much you’ve raised so far. Even seeing that others support your cause can help to get more donations.

Thank your donors- Send them a personal thank you message and keep them informed with how their funds will be used, even with small donations. Your courtesy may bring them back to donate again.

Make it easy to donate- Is your website accessible on all mobile devices? It should be. With the rise of mobile donations you don’t want to miss out.

Share, Share and Share- Then get others to share! Social media can help spread your cause like wildfire. With a mobile app followers can share with the click of a button and feel like they have contributed even when they can’t donate.

Go mobile with MobileNPO- We can help make your online fundraising fun and successful. With a charity app you can interact with your followers and make it easy to donate on their mobile device. You can keep them coming back effectively with push notifications. Contact us today to see how we can help.