What organization isn’t looking on how get donors. Instead of spending time on rephrasing those two keywords “Donate Now” work on the content and heart of your story. Use these simple tips to help reach new donors before you pop the question:

Send personal messages

It’s great when you can connect with your potential donors and let them know you understand who they are. You can do this either by email or with push notification on an app. It’s important to reach donors at a place that is most convenient for them. Be sure to include other ways to get involved if they cannot donate like; volunteering, discussing and sharing with friends and family.

Offer an incentive

Reward your donor for their good deeds. Many non-profit organizations offer bags, bracelets or stickers with their logo. You can save time and money on a mobile app with a built in rewards system. Use gamification to encourage donors to engage and help them feel good about their donation.

Make it about the donor- not about you

Although, the information you share is important it may get tiresome. It’s like rambling about your day without ever asking the other person how theirs was. When you send communications find ways to relate to your donors and even help them. Invite them to your forum or discussion board and get to know them.

Make it easy for them to donate

When the time comes that your potential donor is ready to make a donation, you want it to be easy and convenient. The best way to do that is to have a payment system they can access no matter where they are. Mobile websites and mobile apps are the best way of catching that spur of the moment donation.