Improve charity fundraising and get your supporters involved with our affordable non-profit apps.

Q:We read the features, can you explain what this is?
A:We provide native mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices at an affordable monthly price. Once you sign up, an app specialist will work with you to create a branded design, train you to use the admin panel to maintain your apps, provide you with a marketing strategy and get your apps launched in the app stores. In other words, you will get the benefits of working with knowledgeable staff who will assist you every step of the way in building a beautiful app without the high costs that typically come with a custom app.
Q:Do you charge any fees on the donations?
A:No! Many companies charge a percentage of the donations on top of their monthly fee. We don’t. All you will ever pay us is the monthly subscription rate. Keep your donations. You earned them!
Q:What is a native app?
A:Have you ever had used an app that was slow and just kept crashing? It may have originally been in another language. A native app is an app that is programmed in the preferred language for the device. For Apple iPads and iPhones, objective-C is the programming language. Androids use Java programming language. By using the preferred language for the device, the apps can take advantage of all of the phone features, and screens load faster than other programming methods.
Q:Does our organization really need a mobile app?
A:We believe that most organizations can benefit from having a mobile app. Mobile apps only further enlighten people of your organizational presence and make your organization more accessible. It’s an innovative way to reach out to advocates, making advocacy and philanthropy a little bit more fun. With that said, our mobile app development team would be happy to talk to you about your needs and concerns to help you formulate a mobile direction. Contact us today for a free consultation!
Q:What is a push notification?
A:Push notifications are text messages that display on a users device, whether they have your app open or not. Think of it as an instant text message that you can send to users. People always have their phones with them, this provides direct, immediate access to them.
Q:If we sign up, how do we get people to download the app?
A:Your assigned app specialist will provide you with a marketing strategy package which will help you promote your app on your website, social media and print campaigns. When we submit your app we will integrate app store optimization features so your app will get found in searches. Also we will feature your organization and app on our search engine optimized website.
Q:What the heck is gamification?
A:It’s a real thing, we didn’t make it up. Gamification techniques leverage people’s natural desires for competition and achievement. A core strategy for gamifying is to provide rewards for users for accomplishing desired tasks. Types of rewards include points, achievement badges or levels and the filling of a progress bar. The goal is to improve user engagement in your app.
Q:How do we get started?
A:Our favorite question! Call us at 888-958-5837 or fill out our contact form and an app specialist will contact you to get things started.