Push Notification on Smartphone

It’s important as a non-profit to get the message out. But, what is the best way to ensure your audience reads it?

To make your charity fundraising successful you will need a powerful marketing message. Most prefer to send this via email. Emailing is great but not when used alone. The average email open rate is 30%-35%. That means that more than half of your recipients won’t even open the email. Multiple communication channels are required to get the message out to all of your intended audience. There are other options such as local newspapers, social media and website advertising, which are no more effective than email.

That is where push notifications come into play. Since nearly 85% of U.S. citizens have mobile phones, it only makes sense to reach them that way.

What are push notifications?

When someone downloads your non-profit app they will have the option to receive notifications from you. They are similar to texts but are not associated with any fees and even work with iPods and tablets. At any time you can send a custom message whether or not the user has your app open. The notification will typically pop up on the home screen and will require the user to push something to close it. The app icon will also show a number in red with the amount of notifications unchecked. With this system they hardly go unnoticed and claim a 97% open rate. This powerful tool keeps your users coming back to your charity app.

How do I use push notifications effectively?

Share purposeful relevant content- Nothing is more annoying than getting a meaningless push notification when you are in the middle of something important. Don’t be afraid of bothering your users though; just be sure that the content is something that is worth their while.

Reel them in- Give them a little teaser to encourage them to go directly to your charity app. For example, notify them of an upcoming charity event or share success for your recent non-profit fundraising campaign.

Make sure users have push notifications active- Remind your users to turn on their push notifications. Let them know how you plan to use them. Remind them that by receiving your notifications they can stay in the loop and be the first ones to know!

Remember: Smartphones are always on, always connected and always with the user.

Utilize the power of push notifications by getting an affordable mobile app for your organization. We are happy to help you decide if a non-profit app is right for you. Call or contact us today.